Welcome to Tenderfoot Bears

Hi, my name is Vivienne Jones, I have been making Teddy Bears for several years now, purely as a hobby. My family and friends seem to think that I should show them off to the world, so here I am, doing just that! Hope you enjoy the view!!!! If you would like any information or details, please feel free to e.mail me, viv@pippinclose.freeserve.co.uk

This is my very own Tenderfoot, he is a 1960 Chad Valley Bear. He belonged to my big brother who did not look after him as he should have done, well boys will be boys! So as a little girl I rescued this dear creature, who was suffering from rather a nasty little split in his rexine foot pad, I gave him a pair of bootees which although did not fix the problem, it stopped the problem becoming any worse. Tenderfoot inspired me to make creations of my very own. All my bears are fully jointed and have glass eyes. Each bear is an individual with his own personality. Now I am sure you would like to see for yourself so here they are, hope you enjoy!


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